Potential Synergistic Supplementation of NAD+ Promoting Compounds as a Strategy for Increasing Healthspan

Potential Synergistic Supplementation of NAD+ Promoting Compounds as a Strategy for Increasing Healthspan

Title: Exploring Potential Interventions for Healthy Aging: Geroprotectors, Nutraceuticals, and NAD+ Supplementation


In the past century, life expectancy has doubled, leading to an increased risk of age-related diseases and physical ailments. Aging is a universal, intrinsic, and progressive process that negatively impacts individual health. The growing societal burden of age-related diseases necessitates the development of novel interventions to improve the quality of life for the aging population.

Targeting the Hallmarks of Aging

To combat aging, researchers are focusing on targeting the hallmarks of aging, including genomic instability and mitochondrial dysfunction. Orthomolecular medicine, which involves supplementation of specific nutrients, has shown promise in slowing down the aging process and improving healthspan.

NAD+ and its Importance

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme involved in various biological processes, such as energy expenditure, stress adaptation, and circadian rhythm maintenance. NAD+ levels decline with age, leading to increased risk for age-related disorders. CD38, an enzyme responsible for degrading NAD+, becomes more active with age, contributing to metabolic diseases.

NAD+ Precursors and Geroprotectors

Supplementation of NAD+ precursors, such as nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), can increase NAD+ levels and have various health benefits. NMN supplementation, in particular, has shown to improve insulin sensitivity, enhance aerobic capacity, and improve sleep quality. Geroprotectors, which are substances that promote healthy aging, may enhance the efficacy of NAD+ supplementation.

Nutraceutical Interventions

Various nutraceuticals, such as stilbenes (e.g., resveratrol and pterostilbene), CoQ10, betaine, flavonoids, astaxanthin, lycopene, curcumin, alpha-ketoglutarate, and EGCG, have shown anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties, which can mitigate age-related disorders and improve health.

Promoting Longevity and Healthspan

Combining NAD+ precursors with other geroprotectors may lead to higher NAD+ stores and promote longevity. Further research is needed to clarify the effects of SIRT1 activation, a longevity-associated protein activated by NAD+, and other downstream effects. Superiority trials comparing different combination therapies and potential molecular synergies are necessary to maximize the effects of each ingredient.


As life expectancy continues to increase, finding interventions to promote healthy aging becomes increasingly important. NAD+ supplementation and the use of nutraceuticals show promising potential in reducing age-related diseases and enhancing healthspan. Further research and clinical trials are needed to fully understand the effects and optimal combinations of these interventions.

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Title of paper: Potential Synergistic Supplementation of NAD+ Promoting Compounds as a Strategy for Increasing Healthspan

Author(s): Sharma A, Chabloz S, Lapides RA, Roider E, Ewald CY.

Year published: 2023

Published in: Nutrients

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