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Peter Attia's Supplement Regimen and His Perspective on NMN

Peter Attia's approach to supplements is characterized by skepticism, scientific scrutiny, and personalization based on individual health goals. While he sees potential in supplements like NMN, his stance remains cautious until more conclusive evidence emerges. His own supplement regimen is tailored to his specific health needs and is constantly evaluated against emerging scientific research.

Peter Attia's Supplement Regimen

Amino Acids for Muscle Health: Attia incorporates Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and glutamine into his regimen, particularly for muscle preservation and recovery during and after intense exercises.

Potassium for Muscle Function: To avoid muscle cramps and maintain bodily balance, Attia takes potassium supplements. This mineral is crucial for water balance and muscle contractions.

Curcumin for Anti-Inflammation: Attia uses curcumin, primarily for its anti-inflammatory benefits, and to maintain the health of various organs and systems in his body.

Lithium for Mood Stabilization: Initially used in higher doses for mood stabilization, Attia now takes lithium in lower doses and emphasizes the importance of professional consultation for appropriate dosage.

Methyl Folate for Genetic Requirements: Due to a MTHFR mutation, Attia supplements with methyl folate for healthy red blood cell development and to prevent anemia.

Vitamins B-12 and B-6 for Energy and Blood Health: These vitamins are part of Attia's supplement stack to maintain energy levels, convert fat and protein to energy, level blood sugar levels, and prevent anemia.

Berberine for Blood Sugar Regulation: Similar in effect to metformin, Attia uses berberine for regulating blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Understanding NMN: Peter Attia's Perspective

Insulin Sensitivity and NMN: While NMN supplementation has shown a statistically significant increase in insulin-mediated glucose disposal, Peter Attia raises concerns about its clinical significance. The lack of improvement in other metabolic health markers alongside insulin sensitivity casts doubt on NMN's overall efficacy in metabolic health improvement.

Physical Performance and NMN: The use of the six-minute walking test (6MWT) in studies to assess physical performance improvements with NMN supplementation is criticized by Attia. He points out that this test may not be a clinically meaningful metric for the study's target demographic of healthy adults aged 40-65. The improvements in endurance among NMN-treated groups might not accurately indicate the supplement's benefits.

Skepticism Towards NMN: Attia remains skeptical about NMN's role as a geroprotective agent. He acknowledges its potential in increasing blood NAD concentrations but questions its real-world impact on improving metabolic health and physical performance in humans.


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